How much money can I earn by Blogging

If you are a student or an Employee or person who wants to become an Enterprenuer ? then you can make blogging earn money for you. with help of blogging you can earn more than 10 lakhs per month. But let me tell you it is not easy money or gambling or something magical. it is just like all other works. 

How much can I Earn from Blogging ?

  • 5 hrs / week - 5000  per month
  • 10 hrs / week - 10000 per month
  • 15 hrs / week - 15000 per month
  • 20 hrs/ week - 20000 per month

I would be happy to tell you this, if the real scenario is this way but unluckily it is not that simple or easy.

Earning Potential of your blog will depend on the following factors?

earn money blogging
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  • Topic of your blog: what are you blogging about , it may be about cars, it may be about diabetes, it may be about insurance, it may be about share market.
  • Quality of the content:  Quality of the content you produce , how useful your articles, videos, products, services etc are to the readers.
  • Traffic your blog receives : why Big Bazaar makes huge profits ? because more people visit that is the reason now the mall culture is building up. Same way for a blog to make more money more traffic is required. 
  • Paying ability and willingness to pay of the people who read your blog : Let us assume you are writing about how to get your first job ? then the readers reading your blog are willing to pay for what you are writing or purchase a product but they cannot afford more where as if your blog topic is how to switch careers ? then these type of readers are willing to pay and have the ability to pay , So it is very important to know who is going to read your blog 
  • Geographical Region: I am focused about Indians so I am talking in ₹ but if your blog topic is something relevant to Non Resident Indians or relevant to other countries earning potential can be higher. There are bloggers in India who earn more than ₹10 lakhs per month in India and there are bloggers who earn only ₹ 566 per month and there are also bloggers who earn ₹ zero per month and some even lose money blogging.
  • How much you can invest : Blogging is also like a Business, For any business to grow time and money are needed, In Blogging you will need money for hosting charges, domain name, promoting content etc. So the earning potential of your blog will depend on the amount of Quality time and money you put into it.
  • Consistent Efforts: You need to be consistent, If you are regular and doing things required time to time people will take you seriously and they will follow you and wait your article or email etc and you become a brand, once you become a brand you can earn a lot from blogging that is how Deepak Kanakaraju has become a brand ambassador for digital marketing especially for India

Now let us see some real life examples of Indian Bloggers who are earning from their blogs 


Harsh Agrawal earns > 10 lakhs per month

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Harsh Agrawal left his campus job offer at Accenture and became a successful blogger, he blogs about blogging and earns more than 10 lakhs / month . Initially he started a tech blog writing about mobiles and electronics and stuff and later on he moved to blog about blogging You can see his blog shoutmeloud 


Amit  Agrawal earns > 10 lakhs per month 

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Amit Agrawal is a pioneer in the feild of blogging in India he was a IITian and left his software job in 1991 to make blogging a full time career, he is not just a blogger he is also coder who developes scripts and few softwares, his blog recieves huge traffic. 


Deepak Kanakaraju earns > 10 lakhs per month 

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Deepak is now running a digital Marketing Agency which actually employs people so he has grown from being a blog to an Organization. he started with a blog bike advice and later on started blogging on digital marketing  at his blog digitaldeepak 

These Three bloggers are highly succesful for 3 reasons

They stick to one thing for a long time, when you focus on one thing for a long time you will become a master at it

They are blogging in a space called B2B, B to B means Business to Business .

Businesses can spend more than customers thats the reason they are earning high 

All of these guys started when no knew much about blogging in India, So we can say they are like pioneers. 

You have seen above bloggers making huge money through blogging, But there are many other bloggers who make somewhere in between ₹ 50,000 - ₹ 1,00,000  My blog recently started generating a profit of around ₹ 40,000 /- 

There are many bloggers who blog about recipes, travel and tech and earn in midrange, Blogging income is not very steady it varies a lot you need to be innovative to sustain it, not all can be successful at blogging but if you have a attitude of a Enterprenuer and think of your blog as a business you can succeed.

Please let me know your comments and concerns in the comment box below.

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Gowardhan Doddi

Founder of Blogging Mistakes 

Blogging has changed my World, I was first introduced to Blogging in 2010 , Learnt that Blogging can change my Life but to succeed at it took me more than 6 years , I failed several times and made many blogging mistakes, Through this blog I want to teach you how to blog without making many mistakes and succeed..

earn money blogging
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