Gowardhan Doddi

Digital Marketing Coach

I am Gowardhan Doddi a Mechanical Engineer who sold diet plans to Doctors using the digital marketing skills I learnt by blogging since 2011, I am a big fan of Inbound Marketing because That has actually helped me sell with Authority and I am also a big supporter of Information Products like eBooks, Online courses etc.

If you are some one who wants to grow a brand from Zero to Millions without investing a lot in Marketing I can help you.

If you are some one who is looking for someone to train your workforce on Inbound Marketing, Online course creation, Email Marketing and Copy writing  I can be your Mentor.

Freelance Trainer - Inbound Marketing & Email Marketing.

Founder & Blogger.

Host - Indian Diabetes Radio.

What am I doing right now?

  • I work with a MNC as Digital Marketing Manager.
  • I Motivate people to Reverse Diabetes through my Community - Healthy Diet For Diabetics.
  • I work as a Freelance Trainer for Digital Vidya to deliver  Online Sessions on Inbound Marketing and Email Marketing, Digital Vidya is the world's biggest Digital Marketing institute located in Delhi.
  • I also consult small businesses to strategise and implement Inbound marketing .
  • I also guide Coaches and trainers who do work offline to get their courses online


Me Speaking at a Digital Marketing Club - Hyderabad Chapter.

Topic- Email Marketing 

Brief: I shared how to make email campaigns engaging while creating an eBook out of email campaigns.

Date : September, 2019.

Venue - Spirngboard, Kondapur, Hyderabad


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