Can I be a Blogger ?

You have come to know about blogging and you were curious, If I can really be a Blogger and earn money and fame. Blogging is expressing your views with others, it can be in the form of writing, it can be in the form of videos and it can be in the form of audios also there are different types of Blogs, Some blog use all kinds of content like written, videos, audios etc.  

But before you enter into blogging you need to understand if blogging is for you or not? do this Test? 

  • Do your Friends consult with you: Some of us are always wanted and people search for us to get their problems solved, if your friends seek your suggestions about specific topic, like some of you are good at tech like mobiles, laptops etc and when someone in your circle faces an issue they come to you. that means you can help not only your friends you can help others too. so you can start a blog.
  • Are you good at researching and find unique insights : You may be very good at researching things and finding new insights, in this case also you can be a good blogger because you can learn quickly what you dont know and solve the problems, so if you take a topic which may not be your favorite but when you start studying about it you become a master and guide others just like I did with my diabetes blog.
  • Are you good at speaking in public: Some people are very good at speaking , when they speak all others just listen and get entertained and enlightened, if you are such a Speaker you can really be a great blogger.
  • Are you good at writing : Writing skills are important, Writing skills does not mean perfect English and sentence formation phrases etc, it is about how you form the sentences and if the person reading is able to understand what you are writing and relates to what you write.  As you can see my English is not perfect . Now with advancements in technology you can be a blogger if you are not interested to write by just doing video blogging and audio blogging.

can i become a blogger
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  • Are you good at motivating others: Motivation and psychology are a good areas where people are looking for Mentors if you are good at motivating people there is very good chance you can earn from blogging just like Ajay Mishra who blogs at AwesomeAj
  • Are you good at thinking innovatively: Innovative thinkers can make for good bloggers because they can solve problems, people who solve problems are always required and they can sell their services through their blog. here is a blog about innovations
  • Are you a person who resolves problems: Problems solvers always wanted be it in mathematics or in Life , if you are good at even solving everyday problems you can be a great blogger. you can see this blog lifehacker‚Äč
  • Do people in your real life follow what you do: If people in real life are following you that means you are a person who takes smart decisions, in this case you can lead by example. Blog run by B.N. Mohan is a very good example he writes on many topics that's why does not earn huge but makes some money. you can see his blog here
  • Do you like playing with information: Some people are really good at analyzing the data and information they have and make a good analysis which can be used for business purposes, just like taking a insurance policy and analyzing the good and bad and comparing it with other different investment options etc.
  • Are you good at presenting information: Presenting skills are very important, How you present the data or information on your blog may it be a article or video or audio how you present it so that the readers / spectators /listeners will get impressed will make a very big difference in the earning potential of your blog.
  • Are you good at explaining doubts to your classmates: This may sound silly but in reality the point is that means you are good at explaining things in blogging ability to explain things can help a lot for you to become a successful blogger and make more money from the blog.
  • Are you person who can convince and influence your friends: Ability to convince is a very important skill required if you want to be successful at marketing and marketing is a very important aspect of blogging, if you market your blog right you can earn good amount of money from it.

For all the 12 points above if you have that specific quality in you,  give yourself one mark for each quality. let us assume you say yes 4 times, your score is 4.

If your answer is yes for even 2 of the above questions you can choose blogging as a hobby  

If you answer is yes for more than 4 of the above questions, You can choose blogging as a part time to make some extra income.

If your answer is yes for more than 6 of the above questions, You can seriously try blogging to be a full time job.

If your answer is yes for more than 8 questions, You have very high chances of earning huge money by blogging.

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Gowardhan Doddi

Founder of Blogging Mistakes 

Blogging has changed my World, I was first introduced to Blogging in 2010 , Learnt that Blogging can change my Life but to succeed at it took me more than 6 years , I failed several times and made many blogging mistakes, Through this blog I want to teach you how to blog without making many mistakes and succeed..

can i become a blogger
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  • I really find this blog useful. This is what makes me want to have my own blog. I have been good at summarizing, contemplating on newspaper or magazine articles on the topic Environment. I want to pass on the message by leading journalists and scientists in this area in a simpler and comprehensive manner. Could that be a good topic to start a blog or a simple FB page would be a good idea?

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