How to choose blogging niche using our 3 Pyramid technique ?

You have decided to start a BLOG ! that's great but you are in a dilemma about what should be your blogging niche? in this article I will guide you on how to choose your blogging niche with the help of  Niche pyramid  technique. 

Most of the aspiring bloggers think they need to select a blogging niche which has the potential to earn a lot of money. But if you just go with that one criteria you can fail miserably and may quit blogging forever in your life. So please give enough time and think properly before you decide upon your blogging niche.

So let us know about the Niche pyramid technique. I have divided this into three pyramids - Audience profile pyramid, Passion-able pyramid and Money Pyramid.

Blog niche selection guide

Who is going to read your Blog ?

 Blogging is nothing less than a business, Any business needs to understand about whom are they going to sell before they create a product or service.

To know if your parachute will fly high or fall down will depend on your ability to target to the right kind of people,  

So I will now tell 5 factors to analyze before you choose a blogging niche.

demand of a blogging niche
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From the above pyramid let us understand one by one factor below.

Are the Readers active on internet : 

Your topic may be related to senior citizens in India or Farmers and topic may be very good but most of the people who are above the age of 50 years or illiterate people dont know how to operate a smartphone and fear to order online or take online seriously. 

Inspite of our jio's 4G Dhamaka you will be surprised to know only 40% of the Indians are using internet.  furthermore about 70% of the people who use internet are below 35 years.  so only 30% are above 35 years , that can indicate only 10 or 15% of Indian internet users may be above age of 50 years.

Are the people who are interested in your niche using internet?

if yes how many of them really buy on internet?

Age & Gender of your blog readers:

if your blogging niche is about women who wants to earn some extra money doing part time jobs in this case you should know these women cannot spend without permission of their male partners .

Age and Gender influences purchasing & decision making power.  

Spending Capacity: 

Let us assume your blog topic is about Farming, So the people who will read your blog is Farmers and majority of farmers in India are poor, so their spending capacity is very limited. So think about your audience and their earning potential. this step is very important

If the spending capacity is less, generating more money from your blog will be difficult.

Willingness to spend:

Your blog readers may be rich but may not be willing to spend money. Let me give you an example.

Lets say your blog is about Dogs, Many rich people in India keep dogs in their houses but most of them dont like to spend more money on their dogs unlike people in foreign countries who spend more on their pets. 

(dont judge me , its just my opinion)

Though your readers are rich it does not mean they are going to spend money on the topic you are blogging about.

Are there enough readers for this niche:

Best way to understand if there are more readers is, see how many websites or blogs exist on the same topic. more competition actually mean this niche has good earning potential. that is the reason I have put together the most popular blog categories as per google below.

To know if there is demand for your niche or not The best source is Google.Most popular blogging topics as per google are as follows

Most Popular Blogging Categories as per Google

  • Music - 56,70,000 blogs
  • Fashion - 33,80,000 
  • Car - 32,90,000 
  • Beauty - 22,60,000 
  • Travel- 22,40,000 
  • Food - 21,90,000 
  • photography- 18,00,000 
  • health - 16,30,000 
  • Technology- 13,40,000 
  • SEO- 12,90,000 
  • Marketing - 9,28,00
  • Dog - 8,69,000 
  • Money - 7,66,000 
  • Fitness - 7,48,000 
  • Cat- 5,55,000 
  • social media- 5,43,000 
  • pet - 3,20,000 
  • Finance-273,000 
  • Career - 1,90,600
  • parenting- 1,30,000
  • Economics-1,30,000 blogs
  • interesting things about demand of blog niches

    There are more people blogging about dogs than Fitness

    Do people care more about their dogs than fitness ?

    There are more blogs on SEO than money,

    surprisingly this SEO is important for blogs to earn money

    There are more blogs on cats than parenting

    Do people care more about cats than thier kids?

    niche demand pyramid

    blogging niches
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    In the above pyramid, if you study properly, base of the pyramid there are many blogs compared to top of the pyramid, that indicates if you want to start a blog in the niches like music, fashion, cars, beauty, travel and food then there is no doubt the competition will be high.

    But good thing is competition is high means earning potential is also high. 

    thats the reason blog on SEO are also large in numbers though the number of people reading about SEO will be very less.

    How to use this Demand pyramid.

    I want you to use this pyramid by selecting your blog topic and see if it is falling under any of the categories in the pyramid because the blogging categories mentioned in this pyramid are in demand.

    check if you are passion-able for this niche?

    I don't know if this word passion-able is in the dictionary or not, but with this word I want to strongly emphasize on the fact that you should have passion and ability both to make it big in the blogging world because you will compete with the world.

    You cannot simply choose a blog topic because there is demand, if you don't have passion and ability (skills or knowledge ) about the topic it will be stressful for you to produce quality content and influence others with your writing. so to find out if you can be successful in the niche you choose, Use our Passion pyramid below to come to a conclusion.

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    • How much time do you spend about this topic : If you spend more than 5-6 hours a week on one single topic, like reading books, surfing internet and watching videos on you tube etc on one single topic, it indicates in course of time you would have accumulated good enough knowledge and you are passionate about it.
    • Note down how much time you were spending on this topic since last 6 months
    • Do people consult with you: Yes this is one very good indicator to understand if you can really blog on this niche, because readers coming to your blog wants your help to solve their problems. So if your friends and family members approach you about this specific topic then this is one more indicator that you can be successful at blogging.
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      Note down on what topics where people consulting with you since last 6 months / 1 year. 
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      Are you good at explaining : If you want to be successful at blogging you need to be a good presenter, Your presentation skills are important, if you present the information in a easily understandable way readers will connect with you better, So please check how good are your presentation skills, of course there are many tools you can use to make your blog presentable, to make your blog good looking you don't need to know Photoshop, I also do not know Photoshop.  there are very good photo editing tools which are very easy to use

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      Just try to recollect if you were appreciated for ppt you presented at your college or at Office Meetings etc.
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       Will you be interested in this niche > 5 years : It happens we as human beings shift our interests, 11 years ago I was passionate about buying a Yamaha rxz, Bikes were interesting because they were like a fashion statement etc, but now I am no more interested in bikes.
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      To be successful it is important that you hold long term interest to that specific niche, I will say at least 5 years because to really make good enough money you need not less than 3 years. more long you stay in the same niche more chances to earn.  one more thing to note is technology changes fast, if you want to start a blog on the niche digital cameras, you may be at risk because we see mobiles are replacing digital cameras at lightning speed. 
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      Just check out what is the reason behind your passion and try to analyse how long will you be able to stick to it, if you say at least 3 years then go for it if not just leave that niche, also check if your niche will still exist after 3 years.
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       Personal Experience in this niche: Diabetes is a niche which is in high demand, so the earning potential is good, But you dont have any experience with diabetes, then better you dont choose it, but in my case, I had a experience with diabetes, I researched internet to overcome my diabetes and then started inspiring others to reverse diabetes through my blog. some of you might have overcome a problem like passing a government exam, or cracking A CAT MBA exam, saving money (like Mr. Pardeep Goyal did with his blog ,Many women have started parenting blogs after their experience with pregnancy and post pregnancy, some have started post pregnancy weight loss blogs.
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       So if you have personal experience that can be a great advantage because readers will easily get connected to what you are writing 
    niche time
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    How to choose a blogging niche which is profitable ?

    First two pyramids helped you to find out if the blogging is in demand and you are passion-able about the niche, though this is third pyramid it is very important because passion cannot survive without money.

    To understand how much money your blog can earn by selecting a specific niche you need to checkout the pyramid below where in I have divided the revenue opportunities for a blog broadly into just 5 main streams 

    You need to judge if your blogging niche's earning potential by analyzing if all the 5 categories can be utilized or at least 3 categories can be utilized, I strongly believe your niche can make a lot of money if you can monetize the blog by creating your own digital products and  sell your own services.

    niche money
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    Can you create digital products?

    Digital products is first on the list because these products make any niche profitable  due to high margins and low production cost. I will discuss about E-books, online courses, softwares, podcasts & workbooks.  

    digital products
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    You can create E-books which can give valuable information about how to solve a specific problem, I have sold an E-book 40 Steps to Reverse Diabetes and generated ₹ 34,880/- since its launch in April 2018 ( 4 months)

    E-book can be around 100 pages in length you can charge anywhere between ₹ 99 to ₹ 500 based on the niche you are writing for.

    niche profit
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    Online Courses

    Creating online courses is also a very profitable way to earn money from your blog. Readers who are connected with you on your website follow you and admire you as a teacher, So as a Teacher you can teach them courses. courses can be charged anywhere between ₹ 500 - ₹ 5000 depending on the blog niche.

    You dont need to worry how to create courses , you can create it on your wordpress website,  teachable, udemy etc. 

    Though it takes some time to create a course, it is a profitable money making idea for your blog.

    blog niche money
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    Many Indian Video bloggers are finding success with Youtube, they are earning from youtube Ad revenue and sponsorships, There are many people who are running great youtube channels, like Geeky Ranjit who runs his channel by coming before the camera.

    But it is always not necessary for you to show up on camera to run a youtube channel, some succesful video bloggers use softwares like videoscribe to make videos .

    so just check if you can create a you tube channel in your blogging niche and how does it work?

    blog niche money
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    If you are someone who can create softwares then selling softwares is a really profitable idea.

    Some people create wordpress plugins, some make android applications, some create chrome extensions etc. 

    Let us assume you are going to create a video editing software, you can start a blog on teaching video editing tips etc and down the line within a year or so you can sell your software to the community.

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    Once upon a time..

    Once upon a time,, why I am repeating this, do you remember all our childhood stories used to start with this one line.

    If you are more comfortable speaking instead of writing, then podcasting may be a very good way to make money 

    Podcast is like having your own radio channel and you can entertain, inspire and teach people anything you are good at.

    you can even charge your listeners for your podcast episodes, there is one very good platform called  where speakers make paid podcasts and free podcasts and can even make money through podcasts from advertising.

    Digital products are the best way to make money, so ensure the blogging niche you choose has a scope to sell digital products.  more digital products you can make in that specific niche you can earn more !

    Offer freelance Services?

    Freelancing is in boom, it started few years ago in developed countries, recently freelance work culture is increasing in India also. There are many ways you can earn decent money from your blog by selling your services.  

    blog niche money
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    Freelance services

    If you are nutritionist you can offer diet plan services, if you are Bodybuilder you can teach people how to build a good looking body, lawyers, doctors, financial planners can provide their serivces through their blogs.

    Apart from these you are good at website designing you can offer web design services, if you are good at making videos, you can tie up with a sellers on Amazon to make product videos. you can also make info graphs or blog graphics and earn money. 

    You can also write articles for other websites and earn money, if you want to know what types of freelance opportunities exist you can refer this article - 65 ways to make money online  

    As per a Survey done in USA, 5,70,000 people are working as freelancers and no of people who are offering freelance services is going 3 times every year. 


    Same way freelancing is about to grow into a $20-30 Billion market by 2020 where 20 million Indian freelancers will work for projects across the Globe.  

    About the income earned by freelancers in India a survey conducted with 500 participants revealed that 61% mentioned they earn more than 7.5 lakhs per Annum and 31% people mentioned they earn more than 35 lakhs per year.

    So if your niche has the scope to offer freelance services to countries like U.K, U.S.A there is a lot of scope to earn money.  Even if you are targeting India freelancing is a great way to make money and blog will help you show case your credibility.

    Does your niche have digital products or high priced products to refer to earn commission?

    Once upon a time , people used to pay a small commission for referring someone to their business, even today in India if I go to a new place and take an autowala and ask him he will take me to a hotel, if I check in the hotel, this Auto wala gets a commission. This also happens online, when I promote a Amazon product, Amazon gives me a commission between 4% -12% .  

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    Affiliate Programs

    So to earn more promoting affiliate products, you should analyse if  your blog can promote products which can get you high commission, if will give you 3 examples.

    Let us assume your blog is about people who are obese, you can understand there are many products on Amazon which are medium priced to high priced to promote and earn a commission.

    Let us assume you are someone who is blogging about tourist spots, So you can get good enough commissions from hotels to refer them.


    You can see different affiliate programs available in India

    Affiliate Marketing is just picking up in India, I am confident it will be a big business with in coming years.  Best part about affiliate marketing is you dont create anything you just refer and earn a commission.

    Using Direct Advertising & Ad Networks

    We all are familiar with banners, Big boards on the road side which show advertisements , But now these advertisements are shown on virtual real estate ( your website / blog) 

    You can earn by showing ads, best ad network is google adsense, You can also sell direct advertisements if your blog has good following and traffic.   

    blog niche money
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    Let me assume you have a blog related to dogs, and you are writing helpful articles and you have built a community.  As a result there is good amount of traffic.

    So there is a chance you can get advertising opportunity from pedigree ( who sells dog food)

    good thing about direct advertising is you will be paid more.

    And of course google adsense is also a good opportunity to show ads and earn money.

    Only drawback of advertising is you generally need high amounts of traffic to earn decent money

    Advertising is a easy way to monetize your blog but remember that just with advertising it will be highly difficult to make decent money through your blog. 

        Check list to select blogging niche

    blogging niche check list
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    Examples of some profitable blogging niches

    I am giving you links to different blogs so that you can get a fair idea about how to create your blog by taking inspiration from the following blogs. I am not providing the analysis or business model of this blogs here. you can just check and have an idea.

    1. Career guidance -
    2. parenting -
    3. weightloss - 
    4. pregnancy -
    5. lifestyle -
    6. dental issues -
    7. skin problems-
    8. health -   (thats my blog)
    9. hair growth- ,
    10. mobile reviews -
    11. digital marketing -
    12. blogging -
    13. dog care -
    14. travel -
    15. food & recipe -
    16. car -
    17. photography -
    18. SEO -
    19. personal finance -
    20. fitness -
    21. Beauty -
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    Download your niche selection guide

    Thank you for reading the article, I know you are very serious about your blog. To make it easy for you, I have put a detailed guide which has 25 point check list to choose your blogging niche.

    download your pdf copy and subscribe to our email newsletter to recieve useful information on how to grow your blog to 1 lakh ₹ / month.

    blogging niches
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