What is the right blog posting frequency?
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What is the right blog posting frequency?

No #1 mistake many bloggers do is related to blog posting frequency. most of us think that we need to blog regularly to rank on google. some even say that you should post every day etc. Since I started blogging in 2011, There are many fundas bloggers and Blogging gurus used to tell. But with experience what I have learnt about frequency is something different. 

Blogging frequency is not very much important to Google, but it is important to your readers. Now most of you will challenge me, no google ranks blogs with updated content. You can refer to an article Neil Patel wrote about page age, which means age of the page or freshness of the page does not hold much importance in google ranking.

Infact you will be surprised to know Best SEO blog Backlinko has only 32 articles.  

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Now let us see some live examples. I just typed in few keywords and found interesting facts about blog posting frequency.

I typed for WordPress Security plugins  (2019, 04 November ) and you can see the blog post which ranked first is written on 06 Feb 2018 and blog post which ranked second is 08 Oct 2019.

blog posting frequency
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Now let us see one more example, I have typed " How to loose weight in a week, and you can see an article which was written in 27 sep 2016 ranks first and in the second position ans article written in March 2018 ranks and then comes an article which was written in August 2019.

blog posting frequency
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Let us see one more example, This time I typed " How to earn more backlinks?"  whose blog do you expect to rank first? Brain Dean from Backlinko! But your guess is wrong, A blog post from Enterprenuer.com ranks in the first position and it is written in 2015.  In the second place a blog post from Backlinko ranks.

One thing we need to note here is the exact keyword match. we search for earn backlinks and not get backlinks, So Google returned us an article whose title is 

" 10 smart ways to earn or build backlinks to your website"

blog posting
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So I believe we should not be targeting for the Quantity and should focus on writing quality blog posts. As far as blogging frequency is concerned, I believe 2 in a month can be really a good frequency. if we are able to keep up the quality and also able to promote it well.

Even with my Diabetes blog I am not good at publishing content regularly, but I always made sure that I want to post only high quality content.

Now it;s your turn, I know this blog post is not the perfect one, but this can be a good trigger to ignite the discussion on blog posting frequency!!

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  • Well, everything is well written but to compared with backlinko is something else because backlinko is 8 years old domain with a very good DA. Any blog with that age + DA will get rank. I appreciate new domain who got rank with less DA. More or less content, that depends on the niche we are using. Just my opinion!

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