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8 years of experience, many blogging mistakes & few achievements.

I am not the most succesful blogger:

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I am a step ahead and reachable

when I started blogging, I used to read blogs of Harsh Agrawal (shoutmeloud), Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn etc, but I gained a lot of value from Deepak Kanakaraju because he was not very from my journey and he was also practically approachable for guidance and provides a lot of value.

Similarly i want to help you with your blogging journey by guiding you about mistakes most of the bloggers commit to save your money and time.

I can be your personal Blogging Mentor

I am Gowardhan Doddi, founder of which started as a blog and grown to become a Organization now, after several failed attempts to be successful at blogging I could get blogging right. So this idea of bloggingmistakes was born to guide people who are new to blogging and people who have offline business and want to have their presence online.

My 8 years of Blogging Journey:

8 years ago when I was browsing internet I came across few advertisements like ” work from home” and I thought it was a great way to get rich quick, I wanted to be an Entrepreneur and I thought this online world will make my dreams come true, So after searching a lot I have understood blogging is a authentic and genuine way to really make money online.


So I thought I will start blogging, I have started reading on internet how to start blogging from expert bloggers like Darren Rowse who blogs at problogger and Amit Agarwal from labnol who has made it a huge success in blogging. They were earning something near to 10-20 lakhs per month.

And I was highly thrilled, lot of money and fame, Then I decided to start a blog, but I have heard that blogging on one specific niche, i.e niche means one specific topic like writing only about mobiles or writing just about bikes or cars. But as I am lacking specific expertise in anything I thought I will write on random topics and still be successful and prove all the expert blogger wrong ?? when we are excited about something we are highly positive and do not think about anything in totality.

So I started  and started sharing random stuff, used to do everything necessary to increase blog traffic, because more traffic means more money. So I used to post an article everyday, the target was to get approval from google adsense so that google will display their ads on my website and I will get some money as advertising fees. So I have spent 1 year of time ( 3 hours /day ) so approximately 900 hours, but at the end of the year the advertising revenue generated was around ₹15000. Still I was very optimistic because getting a cheque from google was something thrilling. Without realizing the fact that I am using all my energy in wrong direction I continued to work harder only to realize that google advertisement charges have reduced due to lot of blogs being born everyday.

Then after learning the lesson#1 I have started which just focuses on onething, i.e discuss about career options and allows students to see through careers and have an idea of how their life will be if the choose this specific career, I also used to do interviews of people who are in a profession to discuss all pros & cons of that profession.

There was good enthusiasm but I could not consistently work on it, so content generation was slow. and one more thing was traffic was also very less because this niche had high competition, At this point of time I came to know about the importance of SEO and backlinks. I came across many bloggers who were buying backlinks but I did not feet it right to buy backlinks. So it went on and meanwhile seeing some other websites which are not creating much content but were sort of listing websites were successful So I got distracted and started where I started listing writers who are ready to write articles for money.

After many failed attempts , 7 years of time I succeeded with my diabetes blog, because this blog was born out of solving a very big problem lot of people were facing, as it was related to personal journey- this helped me establish connections and authenticity and sell information products like eBooks, online courses and services. 

Gowardhan Doddi - Personal Blogging Mentor and a Digital Marketing Coach 

Having doubts how to select a topic for your blog ? or do you want to know how much your blog can earn???

Download my 26 point niche selection checklist.

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