Blogging Mistakes
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How to choose blogging niche using our 3 Pyramid technique ?

blogging niches

You have decided to start a BLOG ! that’s great but you are in a dilemma about what should be your blogging niche? in this article I will guide you on how to choose your blogging niche with the help of  Niche pyramid  technique.  Most of the aspiring bloggers think they need to select a blogging […]

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How to choose a domain name for your blog?

how choose domain name

I have put up a Octagon test to figure out how to choose a domain name for your blog and create your domain name but Before we talk about how to create your domain name, I want to explain about one most critical factor, that is whom you will be writing too. we also call […]

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Can I be a Blogger ?

can i become a blogger

You have come to know about blogging and you were curious, If I can really be a Blogger and earn money and fame. Blogging is expressing your views with others, it can be in the form of writing, it can be in the form of videos and it can be in the form of audios […]

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How much money can I earn by Blogging

earn money blogging

If you are a student or an Employee or person who wants to become an Enterprenuer ? then you can make blogging earn money for you. with help of blogging you can earn more than 10 lakhs per month. But let me tell you it is not easy money or gambling or something magical. it […]

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Blogging Mistakes I did in these 7 years

I am Gowardhan Doddi, founder of which started a blog and grown to become a Organization now, after several failed attempts to be successful at blogging I could get blogging right. So this idea of bloggingmistakes was born to guide people who are new to blogging and people who have offline business and want […]

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